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5 products

5 products

we've thought of everything

Our curated Custom Nail Polish kits contain everything you need to make three unique custom colors; we've curated the ingredients, tools, supplies and instructions, all that's needed is you!

Guided help

Want extra guidance when creating with your kit? Be sure to visit our Youtube channel for in-depth support.



"Absolutely Beautiful! The color choices are many and all
absolutely beautiful. The nail polish creating process is super easy."

Stephanie T

"Great gifts! My daughter and her friends enjoyed making polish and
we've purchased several additional kits as gifts."

Amanda W.
Easton, PA

I didn't expect the colors I made with my kit to last as long as they did! I got 12 days of wear before my first chip!

Wanda C.
Dallas, TX

My granddaughter loved the kit I gave to her for her birthday and asked for another one for Christmas! She loved naming her colors and wanted to make more.

Terry S.
Clinton, NJ