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A color kit that allows you to find your true hue. By combining eco-friendly ingredients, long-lasting formula, and comprehensive but easy-to-follow instructions, we've created a custom nail polish experience unlike any other.

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Our method is a formula for success.

Whether you're a nail polish novice or a mixing master, you're going to love the shade you make. One curated kit has everything necessary to make three custom colors; we'll provide the ingredients and supplies, all that's needed is you!

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Like A Perfectly Polished Party In A Box
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Create memories that last a lifetime

Our curated experience combines color and creativity that is only made sweeter because it’s shared with the ones you love.

Personalization & clean, ethical beauty together in an unforgettable way

The Custom Nail Polish Kits are not just about color mixing, they’re meant to help you discover that perfect shade, that vibrant hue, and inspire a feeling of empowerment every clean beauty enthusiast expects when they mix, wear, or share our products. The process is a little like science, a bit like cooking, and a lot like art – all in one beautiful package.