WHY Is My Nail Polish Chipping?

WHY Is My Nail Polish Chipping?

There are a few reasons why your polish might be chipping and it's probably NOT what you're thinking!


We can’t count the times we’ve hear "I can't wear regular nail polish" or "regular nail polish never lasts on me".  Both usually AREN'T TRUE!  We’re taking you behind the scenes to reveal the real reasons your polish isn’t staying and solutions you can do to turn your nail polish ship around. 


#1 - You aren't oiling them regularly

Everyone who is successfully wearing regular nail polish and has gorgeous nails is definitely using cuticle oil!  Healthy moisturized nails hold polish better.  If your nails are dry, the polish pulls away  from the nail.

SOLUTION: Apply oil multiple times a day.  During cold months carry a cuticle oil pen when you're on the go and consider doing an oiling treatment at night. 


#2 - You're drying out your nails during your daily activities! 

Washing dishes with no gloves?  Using acetone polish remover or extra harsh hand soap or sanitizer?  These are likely excessively drying out your nails.  Since dried out polish on dry nails are inflexible and more susceptible chips when they are bumped or hit, you're going to chip much faster.  

SOLUTION: Your short-term fix should be to repair chips right away!  Add another coat of nail polish or top coat to preserve the rest of your manicure and be sure to apply cuticle oil at least 2 times a day.  For a long-term solution, wear gloves when you can and switch to less harmful soaps and cleaning products. 


3 - You're missing the tip! 

Most people apply polish to the tops of their nails, but miss the edges. 

SOLUTION: Sealing the edges during your first coat will give the extra coverage your nails need for longer-lasting manicures. 


4 - Inadequate nail prep. 

While we're adamant about not soaking your nails during your manicure, you should be exfoliating, filing and performing cuticle maintenance.  All of these give you a prepared canvas for long-wearing polish. 

SOLUTION: Adopt a simple, consistent nailcare routine.  If you're looking for solutions, the Taylor Made 15 Minute Manicure is a great option! 


And remember much like your health, hair, even car and home maintenance, quick fixes work for a while but having a strong foundation built with consistency is the key to quality.