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Nail Polish Colors and Styles for Summer 2021

Nail Polish Colors and Styles for Summer 2021



Styling Summer’s Hottest Nail Colors
Summer is coming in hot, and so are its core colors. As always, we see a general trend towards fun, bright, and sassy shades in fashion and beauty, but they are also accented by gorgeous neutrals. Think coastal aesthetics, with soft beiges and pinks. Alone, each of these colors shine, but together, they bring a vibrant twist that’s effortless and summer ready. Not sure where to start? Here’s your go to guide styling summer’s colors on your nails, and beyond.
Summer Brights
As usual, vibrant nail colors are taking hold of the summer trend wave, and we’re not complaining! Whether it’s hot red, canary yellow, or an oceanic blue, they add a pop that can’t be missed.
Paint your nails one solid color, and pair it with an outfit that accents a completely different one. For example, a yellow nail and a blue based outfit will bring all the tropical vibes. If you’re all about pushing fashion boundaries, you can even go for a monochromatic nail, dress, and accessories ensemble.  
Another way to style summer brights is to mix them up! Mismatched nails have been all the rage, with skittles manis taking the beauty world by storm. Create your own look with a few of your favorite colorful shades, and the result will look like popsicles on a hot day! If you’re not ready to go that bold, instead of matching your manicure and pedicure, go for two completely different colors like blue on your fingers and red on your toes.
Calming Neutrals
While brights can be fun and tantalizing, many of us need to keep it neutral for work, or the more muted tones reflect our personal style better. Never fear, there’s plenty of ways to style neutral colors for summer too. Play on the calming, coastal aesthetics and reach for cool toned nudes, the palest pinks, and shimmering light grays. Worn alone, they’ll look like your nails but better, but the colors can also be used for some subtle nail art designs. Use a neutral for a unique play on a French manicure design, or add just a touch of glitter on one nail as an accent. When you go for a neutral manicure, you can pair just about any outfit with it and not worry about clashing!
Mix Them Up
Can’t choose! Neither can we. That’s why we made an easy nail art design you can do to have the best of both worlds. Let this approach guide your styling too. Wear your usual neutral outfits and add a pop of a bright bag, or pair a colorful dress with nude sandals.
So, are you a neutrals lover, or are you ready to dive into the world of brights full force? Or, would you rather ease in to it with just a pop of color? When you’re to update your color wardrobe, Taylor Made Polish’s highly anticipated summer collection is the best place to start. Check them out here!

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