Getting in On the Trend! The Perfect Classic Color for Any Skin Tone

Getting in On the Trend! The Perfect Classic Color for Any Skin Tone

Skin tone complimenting is taking off in every industry, from shoes to blush and lipstick. Why should nail polish be any different? We believe your self care routine should be fit to you, so we’re going to help you find your own custom polish blend for classic shades that match your skin tone, whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral.

The Perfect Gray

Is there any better neutral color than gray on the nails? True gray looks lovely on neutral skin tones, as well as those who pull either warm or cool. While gray is often more popular in cooler tones (outside of true gray), a warm gray with a hint of yellow in the formulation perfectly flatters warmer skin tones. If your skin pulls cool, a blue-gray will look made for you!

The Best Pink

Not all pinks are made equally. Just like how not every skin tone would wear coral blush, not everyone is made for fuchsia nails. If you want a polish that accents your warm undertones, aim for one with hints of brown or orange. A salmon tone nail polish will pop. For the cool skin tone family, blue and purple based pinks will be your go-to shade. We love a bright, blue-toned pink for a pop of color. A neutral option that will work for everyone is a light, creamy pale baby pink with a white base, this is neutral skin tone friendly and work friendly!

The Right Red

Very rarely can you find a red lipstick that works on every skin tone, and that’s because everyone is unique and the right shade will make or break the look. Same goes for red nails. What looks perfectly made for one person may truly clash with another. An orange based red (think of the sunset) will accent any warm undertones in your skin. For cool undertones, a pinkish red will be your best friend, as it pulls out and accents your natural cool colors. Neutral skin has a blend of warm and cool, so you’re safe with almost any color, but if you’d like something special, we say go for a glossy cherry red.

With Taylor Made Custom Nail Polish Kits, every one of these shades can be easily crafted to match your skin tone. So hop on the trend, have some fun, and create colors that are custom crafted to flatter your natural beauty.