Bridal Polish Party Refreshments

Bridal Polish Party Refreshments

Event planning is hard, we get it. From décor to activities to food and drink, there’s so many elements to figure out at once. When you’re doing a fun-filled activity like polish making, you likely won’t be spending as much time eating and drinking. Consider this your permission to officially relax with this part of your event and keep it simple. Here are some ways we like to make feasting festive yet not too much trouble to put together.

Serve a Signature Drink

Keep things easy yet delicious with a signature drink for the event. Develop one cocktail with relatively popular flavors that all of your guests will love. Think champagne with some strawberries, a fun martini, or sangria. Bonus points if it’s something you can mix up in advance and have as a self-serve drink.

If you’d rather shy away from any prep work, we love Mingle Mocktails. These are great because they are non-alcoholic and taste delicious, but work well as mixers too. If your event is more of a boozy bunch style, you can keep it simple but still stylish with single-serve drink options, like Boozy Bites or On the Rocks.

Get Grazing

Grazing bars are all the rage, for their ease of serving and aesthetic look. Lots of local businesses offer these as catering options. Make it extra easy on yourself and get these goodies delivered (some places will even set it up nicely for you). If you have guests with differing dietary preferences (vegan, paleo, gluten free, etc), this is particularly helpful because everyone can find a bite they’ll love! Be sure to include a variety of options and you can’t miss with this.


A Sweet Ending

Don’t forget desserts! Everyone loves a little something sweet, even if the focus of the party isn’t food. Commission a local bakery for a cake, macarons, or little dessert bars. If you’re looking for options that match your décor exactly, we think adding matching floral pieces to your platters is super chic yet won’t add extra stress. Who doesn’t love flowers and treats all in one place?

An Offsite Party

Taking your party on the road to an offsite destination? Here are our best tips for traveling with your treats. Start with a cooler (or two), and look for an option with wheels or straps for easy transporting.

Pack only the necessities, like self-serve individually packaged beverages. We mentioned some of our faves above, but if keeping them chilled is a challenge, opt for a red wine option. For snacks, go for a luxury lunch box (adult Lunchable anyone?) or an easy to travel with bento box, which can also be catered and delivered. Our favorite local caterer is Rose Culinary You can keep foods warm (or cool) with an inexpensive thermal bag if you're transporting yourself.  


Fortunately, desserts have come a long way, and most travel well. Many bakeries and dessert specialty stores have found innovative ways to travel with their treats. You may want to trade in a full cake for an individual option, like cupcakes. Making your own treats? We love the make at home mixes from Khanisa's.  Check out amazon or your local restaurant/baking supply store for take-out containers – yes, they even make them for cupcakes.


Hosting your Bridal Polish Party at home, or on the move, doesn’t have to be a challenge! With the Taylor Made Polish Party Pack, food and drink can be a lesser priority, but it doesn’t have to go by the wayside. With easy drinks, catered snacks, and dessert options, you can have the perfect spread to accompany the colorful creativity of the day.